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Angelina Vidali


My most recent webpage until I update this one:

My research area is in Algorithmic Game Theory and Mechanism Design.

My research focuses on designing auctions for multiparameter domains both in the Bayesian and the Worst-case setting.

My PhD focused on an auction for allocating jobs, the game-theoretic version of the seminal scheduling unrelated machines problem. The machines are selfish and won't reveal their processing times for the jobs without getting the correct payment. So in fact the setting is more like the setting of an auction for selling multiple distinct items. Which are the possible mechanisms we can use for the allocating the tasks?

Other problems I find tempting are adword auctions, cost sharing, secretary problems, voting, computation of equilibria. I also enjoy computational algebra and geometry.

I recently gave a Talk (see video) at the Inovations in Algorithmic Game Theory Workshop (extremely interesting!), at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Interview in der Standard Zeitung (24. 05.11)

"Lügen, Versteigerungen und Zeitplanung": Ein kurzer, einfacher Text der erklärt womit ich mich in meiner Disertation beschäftigt habe. (auf Deutsch)

Academic Positions and Research stays [full CV in pdf version]

  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (2012-)at Duke University, Department of Computer Science in the group of Vincent Conitzer.
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (2010-2012) in the research group lead by group of Prof. Monika Henzinger, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Research stay: Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 23.5- 19.6.11
  • W1-Juniorprofessur offer: University of Siegen (Germany), January 2011 (declined)
  • Post-Doctoral Scholar (2009-2010) Max-Planck Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken, Germany 


  • PhD (2005-2009) University of Athens, Department of Informatics, (with Hons.) Advisor: Elias Koutsoupias
  • Master's (2003-2005) Inter-university Program in Logic, Algorithms and Computation (MPLA) (with Hons.), ranked 1st, Advisor: Yiannis Moschovakis
  • Bachelor's (1999-2003), University of Athens, Department of Mathematics (with Hons.), ranked at the top 1% Summer semester 2003: Technical University of Vienna (TUW)


  • Austrian Research Association (ÖFG) (Austria) (travel grant), 2011
  • Alexander von Humbolt Foundation (Germany) (Post Doc Research Fellowship), 2010
  • General Secretariat for Research and Technology (for PhD studies) 2005-2008
  • Alexandros Onassis foundation (for graduate studies) 2004-2005
  • Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) (USA) (travel grant), June, 2005
  • Greek State Scholarships Foundation (ΙΚΥ) (ranked 1st), 2004-2005 (declined)
  • Greek State Scholarships Foundation (ΙΚΥ) (ranked 1st), 2003-2004 
  • University of Athens, Antonis Papadakis fund (for undergraduate studies) 2001-2003
  • Erasmus (European Commission exchange program), summer semester 2003
  • Greek State Scholarships Foundation (ΙΚΥ) (ranked 5th) 1999-2000 

Full CV in pdf

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